Metal Detectors
Depar Detector M-Scope Walk-Through Metal Detector
Depar Detector M-Scope Walk-Through Metal Detector
Depar Detector

Brand: Fisher

M-Scope Walk-Through Metal Detector

$5,150.00 BUY NOW


Portable and Permanent Security

Single person assembly without tools - in less than 5 minutes

Operates approximately 40 hours on rechargeable batteries, included

Universal Power Adaptor/Charger

(Adaptor kit available for non USA receptacles)

Three Sensor Zones with Brilliant LED Detection Indicators

Head-to-Toe, Zone Specific Detection

100 Levels of Sensitivity, Adjustable

Environmentally sealed keypad with security access control

Brilliant LED Bar Graph Indicates Target Strength

Lighted LED Displays MScope Configuration

Memory Feature Stores Settings for Multiple Operating Environments

Multi-Mode Traffic Counter

Factory and User Definable Presets

Access Menus/Password Protection

Adjustable Volume Control

Portable Dimensions: 37 x 23 x 26” (.94 x .61 x .66 m)

Weight: 83 pounds (37.65 kilos) - can be transported in a car or van

Made in U.S.A patented technology

1. Ability to be set up in five minutes by one person, with no tools required

2. Can run on its own internal batteries for 40 hours (competition does not exceed 8 hours)

3. Can be moved in a car instead of a truck and it collapses into a square bundle of nine pieces on its own wheels