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Depar Detector EURO ACE
Depar Detector EURO ACE
Depar Detector EURO ACE
Depar Detector EURO ACE
Depar Detector EURO ACE
Depar Detector EURO ACE
Depar Detector

Brand: Garrett


Garrett Euro Ace

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Key Features

Powerful, large 28 x 22cm PROformance Double-D searchcoil

Enhanced Iron Resolution™ allows more control of iron discrimination levels; helps separate good targets from adjacent junk iron.

Improved Audio*—Tone ID optimized to indicate distinctions between ferrous and non-ferrous targets.

Higher Frequency*—Offers improved ability to detect small conductive targets (hammered coins, nuggets)

Volume-control headphones—Garrett's ClearSound Easy Stow headphones are included with the EuroAce.

Electronic Pinpointing to speed target recovery

Accept/Reject Discrimination to modify discrimination patterns

Five Search Modes: select pre-set discrimination pattern or create your own

Continuous Coin Depth Indicator to determine target depth

Battery Condition Indicator shows battery life continually

Interchangeable ACE series searchcoils are available

Pushbutton Controls with One-Touch operation

Search Modes (Discrimination Patterns): 5 plus electronic pinpointing









Target ID Cursor Segments                 12

Iron Discrimination Segments             6

Accept/Reject Discrimination              Yes

Search Modes                                     5

Sensitivity/Depth Adjustments          8

Electronic Pinpointing                         Yes

Frequency                                           8.25 kHz

Audio Tone ID Levels                          3

Standard Searchcoil                            28 x 22cm DD PROformance

Length (Adjustable)                            1.06m - 1.29m (42" to 51")

Total Weight                                       1.27 kgs. (2.8 lbs.)

Batteries                                             4 AA (included)

Warranty                                            2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor


Highly Recommended

Coin Hunting

Jewelry Hunting

Relic Hunting

Competition Events

Dry Beach/Fresh Water Hunting


Cache Hunting


Ghost Town Hunting