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Depar Detector MAGNASMART
Depar Detector MAGNASMART
Depar Detector MAGNASMART
Depar Detector MAGNASMART
Depar Detector MAGNASMART
Depar Detector MAGNASMART
Depar Detector

Brand: Gold Detectors



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MAGNASMART UMP locates without the need of constant motion.

Utility magnetometers operate on "motion style audio" and lose the utility signal when their probe stops moving. Motion technique has many disadvantages.

- The probe can be kept moving with difficulty on uneven ground, through obstacles in the streets and inside excavation ditches.

- Motion forces the operator to search faster and often miss the deep weak signals.

- Also it is difficult to pinpoint the exact pipe or manhole cover centre.

MAGNASMART UMP magnetometer locates at any speed.

Sweeping the MAGNASMART UMP probe fast or even holding it motionless above the pipe will not cause the signal to fade. This is the way to search through obstacles and tight spaces in the city streets. Pinpointing is instant, use a spray to mark the spots where the audio starts and fades and you are done!

Minimized controls. MAGNASMART UMP has only one knob to set the sensitivity range. HIGH for metal free zones away from concrete bars, fences.

LOW to locate surface targets like shallow buried manhole covers, pipes, when working near fences in urban areas.

Auto tune. After power on, MAGNASMART UMP magnetometer needs just a few seconds

to automatically setup with the environment.

" VCO" audio . Αudio tone gradually rises in frequency, when MAGNASMART probe approaches

the target, for accurate pinpoint.

9 volt battery holder. Operation up to 5 hours.

Mini headphones plug. For working at a noisy environment.

Robust construction for hard use. Solid probe fixed into a durable electronics enclosure to withstand knocks.


·         High detection depth range

·         Adjustable sensitivity

·         Mini headphones plug

·         LED for low battery

·         Internal speaker

·         VCO variable frequency audio

·         Automatic tuning after power on

·         Non motion operation and location at any speed

·         9 volt battery holder

·         Durable construction


- Magnetic metals, for example iron objects.

- Utilities, pipes, manhole covers that were buried under asphalt.

- Military for buried weapons, army bunkers, mines, bombs, unexploded ordnance survey (UXO)

- Crime scene investigation ( CSI )


Weight : 1 Kg

Length : 1 m.

Battery : 9 Volt Alkaline ( DURACELL recommended )

Battery life : 5 hours

80 cm gradiometer probe


- 9 volt battery / Mini headphones / English instructions manual / 2 year guarantee